Race rules

Lago Santo K30

Location: Pievepelago loc. Sant’Annapelago (MO)
Race check in at 6.30 am race start at 8.30 am
Competitive race of 31 km 2100 m D+


The Association Team Mud & Snow ASD in collaboration with Ente Parchi Emilia Centrale ( www.parchiemiliacentrale.it ) will hold, on Sunday 13th October 2019 the mountain race “Lago Santo K30” with a route of about 31 km, and positive altitude difference of 2100 m, taking place at an altitude between 900 and 1900 m asl, the race takes place entirely on forest tracks and mountain trails within the Frignano Regional Park.


The race will start and finish in Sant’Annapelago, a hamlet of Pievepelago (MO), completing a 31 km loop circuit with 2100 m D+. The race route was defined by calculating the average of various GPS tracks recorded by runners during tests.The race route follows paths classified as type T (excursion-tourist itinerary), E (excursion itinerary without technical difficulties), EE (itinerary for expert hikers) and includes an EEA section (itinerary for experienced hikers with equipment). ATTENTION: Several sections have high exposure, very uneven ground and high slopes even higher than 50% both uphill and downhill. The race takes place in a single stage, free speed, limited time and semi-self-sufficiency regime.

– Roads: 2 %

Roadbook, road map-elevation profile and GPS tracks are all available to download on the race website: www.lagosantorace.com. They may be liable to change.


Sunday 13th October 2019 at 6.30am at the Church of Sant’Anna in Via Chiesa at Pievepelago loc. Sant’Annapelago, Modena.


Lago Santo Mountain Race
Sant’Annapelago – Modena (MO) – Italy

time: 06.30 Race office opens, bib and race pack distribution, on the day registration
time: 08.15 Race briefing
time: 08.30 Race start
time: 12.00 Food service opens for athletes and non participants
time: 13.00 Lago Santo Mountain Race awards ceremony
time: 14.00 Lago Santo K30 awards ceremony
time: 18.00 End


On registration the participant declares to fully understand and accept the following Regulations, they are also available on the website of the event ( www.lagosantorace.com ).

The competition is open to participants of both sexes.


For the Lago Santo K30 it is necessary to be 20 years old even if the athletes birthday has not yet taken place yet on the day of the race, therefore one must have been born in 1999 or before.


On payment of the registration fee the participant declares to the Organizers that he / she has certified with a medical check his / her physical fitness (as foreseen by the Ministerial Decree April 24, 2013 – Official Gazette General Series No. 169 of July 20, 2013) and waivers the organization from all responsibilities, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or things caused by him. He therefore declares to be in possession of a medical certificate for competitive sporting activity valid for Athletics on the day of the race, therefore with an expiration date after 13 October 2019. The medical certificate must in any case be shown at bib distribution. Foreign athletes are required, under penalty of exclusion from the race, to present the Medical Certificate for foreign athletes which can be downloaded from the event website ( www.lagosantorace.com ), signed and stamped by a sports doctor qualified in the country of origin. The voluntary conduct involves the voluntary exposure of the person to the intrinsic risk connected to the practiced discipline.

No membership of any kind is required.

Athletes who are serving disqualifications for use of doping substances in any discipline cannot participate.

No sporting curriculum is required, however it is recommended that you already have experience in high mountain sky running, that you do not suffer from vertigo and / or psycho-physical problems related to high ground.


— Copy of the medical certificate for competitive sporting activity valid to 13 October 2019.
— Privacy policy signed and accepted. The form can be downloaded from the website of the event ( www.lagosantorace.com ) and is available on the day of the race at race check in.
— Declaration of assumption of risk and exemption of responsibility signed and accepted. The form can be downloaded from the website of the event ( www.lagosantorace.com ) and is available on the day of the race at the race check in.
— Medical Certificate for foreign athletes. The form can be downloaded from the event website ( www.lagosantorace.com ).


Online registration and advance payment by credit card / bank transfer or in-store by 11/10/2019 at 24 hours.
COST: 38 €


Registration and payment on the spot in cash on the morning of the race, subject to availability of bibs, by 8 am with a € 10 surcharge. Remember to bring a copy of the medical certificate.


Registration is possible up to the maximum quota of 350 athletes distributed between the two races.


Athletes who, for whatever reason, wish to renounce their registration must send written notice of their withdrawal by 10/04/2019, date of printing of the bib numbers. Refunds will not be reimbursed but their registration will be moved to the next edition.

Submissions later than the date and the methods indicated will be postponed until the 2020 edition only if accompanied by medical documentation.


The race will take place in any weather conditions, however, in the event of exceptional conditions, the Race Direction may make appropriate changes to the original route and, in the event of force majeure, may proceed with the cancellation of the competition with postponement to 2020.


The race takes place under a semi-self-sufficient regime, therefore the participant is required to be able to be autonomous between 2 refreshment points regarding hydration and nutrition. As regards to equipment and safety, autonomy must be considered for the entire race route. Below is a list of the compulsory material that each participant must have with him or her for the entire duration of the race, in addition there is recommended kit, to be considered useful for completing the course, but is exempt from checks and penalties.


Runners will be checked at the entrance to the race start grid and at random points along the race route.
Race bib to be worn on the front of the body and timing chips supplied by the Organization
Water bottle or personal cup (cups will not be present at the refreshment points)
Liquid reserves – minimum half-liter water
Mobile phone switched on and at full charge, with emergency numbers stored
Thermal blanket
A5 trail shoes with treaded grip
Rainproof waterproof jacket with a minimum of 10,000 columns with hood and long sleeves: if the weather conditions are favorable, the latter may be waivered on race day in change for a simple windproof jacket, therefore it is recommended to have both items on hand to be able to participate in the race with the most comfortable and practical solution on the day.


Trail poles
Cap or bandana
Energy bars
Extra water reserve in addition to the mandatory one


The safety of participants, volunteers and rescuers is a priority over anything else. In order to limit risk as much as possible, various procedures have been introduced:
— A Safety Jury has been activated which will unquestionably decide on safety, on the execution of the reserve route, possible suspension, cancellation, or diversion of the route;
— Along the entire race route there will be medical personnel authorized to check the physical and mental condition of athletes during the race: in the event that a competitor is not considered in suitable condition to continue the race, his race bib will be taken and he will be disqualified and withdrawn from the race;
— The organization’s emergency phone numbers will be printed on race bibs; In the event of sudden weather deterioration, we will always activate the necessary measures to protect athletes and volunteers;
— Along the way there will be volunteers and the Alpine Rescue Service, all committed to ensuring maximum safety and the right support in case of need;
— The route will be marked with race marker tape, arrows, ecospray or/and with clearly visible signals (about every 100 meters). In the event that the athlete does not encounter a marking for more than 250-300 meters, he will have to retrace his steps and find the last marker.


Aid stations also serve as “collection and assistance points” for any participants who have withdrawn. In the event that a competitor withdraws outside the pre-established points, he or she will have to directly reach the finfish area or a refreshment point, he is required, via telephone or text message to contact the Organization and communicate his withdrawal. In the event that unnecessary research should be activated due to missed communications or disqualified competitors, any costs incurred will be charged to the competitor.


— AID STATION 1 — Liquids/food km 7 (Colle delle Vacche)
— AID STATION 2 — Liquids/food km 14 (Lago Santo 1st passing outbound)
— AID STATION 3 — Liquids/food km 22 (Lago Santo 2nd passing return)
— AID STATION 4 — Liquids km 29 (forest path)

The race covers a protected nature area of extreme environmental value, the concession of the Ente Parchi Emilia Centrale to be able to dispute the event is subject to the absolute respect of the environment crossed, therefore it is absolutely mandatory not to throw away your waste, not to disturb the fauna, to not damage the flora, failure to do so may result in disqualification at the sole discretion of the Competition Judge.


There are race sweepers on both race routes that also have the task of removing the race markings, continuation on the race route behind the race sweepers is to be considered totally at one’s own risk and responsibility, and waivers the Organization of any event that may occur, therefore the interested party has the obligation to reach the nearest aid station to be re-accompanied to the finish line.


The Organization reserves the right to modify; the race routes in part or in full and the refreshment points, at its sole discretion, and at any time even during the race, and to delay due to weather or other reasons, the departure time. The races will also take place in bad weather conditions on possibly modified routes, however if the weather conditions are such as to jeopardize the safety of the participants and of the volunteers, or for any other cause of force majeure, the races may be canceled.


There is a max time limit of 7 hours and 30 minutes.


There will be a safety cut off time at the 14th KM (Lago Santo 1st passing: outbound), in correspondence of the deviation between the K30 and Lago Santo Mountain Race routes, at 2 hours and 45 minutes from the start. Participants who reach the gate after the set time will NOT be disqualified, but will be obliged to deviate on the 22 km course after registering at the gate with Race Official, the participation will then be switched to the Lake Santo Mountain Race with consequent inclusion in the rankings pertaining to the short race. Switching from the K30 route to the Lago Santo Mountain Race route can also be done voluntarily by the athletes who, even if within the time limit, no longer feel like continuing along the long route, even in this case the interested parties will be regularly classified in the short race. On the other hand it is not possible to switch at the gate from the Lago Santo Mountain Race route to the K30 route.

This peremptory gate is necessary to safeguard the safety and enjoyment of everyone. From tests carried en-route and considering the technical difficulties of the next stretch of the route, set at altitude, following on the ridge (crest) of the Apennines, although safe it is undoubtedly technical, and it cannot be faced serenely by athletes who are not sufficiently prepared.


A second time barrier will be located at km 22 at the second passing of Lake Santo Modenese, at 5 hours and 45 minutes from the start. Athletes who arrive late at this gate will have to stop because obviously they are no longer able to finish the race safely, they will NOT be disqualified but will be classified at the end of the regularly arrived based on the respective times at the gate. The athletes’ return journey to Sant’Annapelago will be organized by the Race Organization.


At the 19th km at the top of Mount Grotta Rosa you will find the only EEA section (itinerary for expert hikers with equipment) of the entire route. This section, despite being set up in total safety by CAI and manned and assisted by mountain rescue professionals and volunteers, may present insecurity in participants who are not prepared for this type of technical difficulty. NO PROBLEM! No one has to take risks: the overcoming of the equipped section will be permitted only to the first 10 competitors arrived at the site, those who do not wish to pass it can easily go around it, along a convenient side path that will be indicated to you, and that involves a modest increase in time due to greater length (about 1 minute). For competitors from the 11th onwards it will be OBLIGATION to continue along the side path.


The registration fee includes:
— Medical assistance
— Race bib personalized with name and surname (for registrations made before 10/04/2019)
— Hoka item of clothing
— Chip timing service
— Refreshments along the route
— Landbier craft beer on arrival
— Meal coupon for the final pasta party (focaccia, cold cuts, cheeses, tarts, seasonal fruit)
— Secure bag deposit
— Showers, changing rooms
— Race packet (guaranteed to the first 350 entrants on the total of the two races, includes typical local products, supplements and a specially minted finisher medal)
— € 10 discount voucher at the trail running store Mud and Snow in Casona di Marano (MO), or online at www.mudandsnow.com
— Free photos can be downloaded from the Flickr account of the organizer team Mud & Snow ASD


The timing service will be performed with technology based on the use of chips. Each participant must have a personal chip provided by the Organization. Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the time taken.


Prizes will be awarded to: the first 3, the first 3 cat. M MEN and the first 3 cat. F WOMEN with trophy, technical material and local products.

In particular:
1^ classified M/F technical material + trophy
2^ classified M/F technical material + trophy
3^ classified M/F technical material + trophy

category AM men: first 3 born in 1990 and after
category BM men: first 3 born between 1980 – 1989, including
category CM men: first 3 born between 1970 – 1979 including
category DM men: first 3 born in 1969 and previously
category AF women: first 3 born in 1980 and after
category BF women: first 3 born in 1979 and previously

The first three are excluded from the category awards.
Team awards: the first 3 largest teams will be awarded with food hampers made up of local produce.

The prizes must be collected personally on site, or at Mud and Snow store – via Fondovalle 2876 – Casona di Marano sul Panaro (MO) by 11/30/2019.


Lago Santo Mountain Race and Lago Santo K30 are the final stages of the Trai Running Circuit of the Parks of Emilia, there are 60 points assigned to all the regular Lake Santo K30 finishers. See regulations: www.circuitotraildeiparchi.com.


It is permissible to be assisted by companions who can supply athletes with drinks, spare clothing, and comfort items exclusively at the predefined refreshment points.

It is strictly forbidden for companions to carry any art of the mandatory material which must always be in the possession of each participant, under penalty of disqualification from the race.

It is allowed to take photos and videos of the competing athletes at any point on the course and publish freely in any form.


The use of trail running poles is allowed. The organization does not provide any recovery service for poles left on the track.

12 – DOGS

Given the particular conformation of the land and to ensure the best safety conditions for all participants, it is forbidden to compete accompanied by pets. Competitors with domestic animals will be automatically disqualified and considered external to the race, and therefore held responsible for any damage caused to themselves, to other competitors, to third parties in general.


The Lago Santo Mountain Race event adheres to the “I don’t throw my waste” initiative, a campaign promoted by Spirito Trail and aimed at trail runners, athletes and organizers, to protect the environment and nature. For more information, please visit www.spiritotrail.it/i-nostri-progetti/io-non-getto-i-miei-rifiuti.


There will be a penalty of 120 minutes assigned due to lack of a single item of the mandatory material.


An athlete will be disqualified under the following circumstances: — Lack of at least 2 elements of the mandatory material; — Refusal to undergo medical supervision or mandatory equipment; — Failure to pass checkpoint; — Bib number exchange; — Unauthorized assistance outside the predefined points; — Path cutting; — Use of means of transport; — Throwing waste in the environment; — Insults and rude behavior towards other athletes, volunteers, public or hikers; — Blasphemy; — Damage to the paths of vegetation tracing, disturbance of the fauna; — Behavior contrary to the ethics of fair play in general; — Failure to help an athlete in difficulty; – any violation of the existing regulation.
Disqualification takes effect immediately and can be implemented even after the race by examining relevant photo and video documentation collected.


Any complaints must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the competition, accompanied by exhaustive documentation and a deposit of € 100.


The Organization subscribes to a civil liability insurance for the entire period of the event.

Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the competitors who, in full knowledge of the danger of the competition and of the environment in which it is carried out and in full awareness of their real physical and mental abilities, at the time of registration for the race, participants renounce to appeal against the Organizers in the event of damage or further consequences arising after the race.

At the time of online registration, the runner must sign a discharging release of responsibility and authorization for the processing of personal data. You can send it via e-mail to info@lagosantorace.com or hand it over when you collect your bib number.


According to the art. 13 of Regulation EU / 2016/679 we inform you, that of the data collected, only the list of participants will be used, the order of arrival and the historical archive and only to provide the services declared in the regulations. By registering for the race, each participant renounces completely and indefinitely to image rights in any media form (including but not limited to: photos, audio, video) that can be recorded and divulged by anyone on any medium without any request for authorization of the subjects used.


You can request information by contacting the organization at info@lagosantorace.com or by going to Mud and Snow – via Fondovalle 2876 – Marano sul Panaro loc. Casona (MO).

All official communication will be published on the website of the event ( www.lagosantorace.com ) and on the social profiles of the race:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lagosantorace
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lagosantorace

Telephone: 338 5219329 (Francesco Misley)


The organization of the race is guaranteed and managed by MUD & SNOW ASD TEAM which is based in Marano sul Panaro in via Giovanni XXIII 297. For more information, please visit the website www.mudandsnow.team.

The Race Direction is composed of:
Francesco Misley — race director and route manager
Francesco Pedroni — volunteers and aid stations
Francesco Montanari — course manager

The race doctor is Dott. Alessandro Misley.


The Race Direction reserves the right to modify the course, the prize pool, the programme and any part of this regulation until the start of the races. The only valid regulation is exclusively the last one published online on the event website ( www.lagosantorace.com ). The Race Direction can also cancel the event due to force majeure and the safeguarding and safety of participants and volunteers.